Our Work

We started our work in early 2005 was out of the necessity to do something urgently about the starvation deaths in the Jalangi area of Murshidabad, West Bengal. Since then our work in that particular area of Murshidabad continues without any break with the support of our donors, alhamdulillah.

Our two projects are permanent:

– Alliance School (Murshidabad) run on land purchased by our trust (Out of a total of 500 students, fees of about 200 students has been waived as they are very poor)

– Murshidabad Vocational Training CentreĀ  (Free)

On a case to case basis:

– Educational Aid / paying for fees and books of poor and meritorious. Also by paying salary of teachers to teach poor kids in villages.
– Food Aid by distributing food packets.
– Medical Aid by paying bills of poor patients.
– Shelter Aid by paying to build a hut or help in paying rent.
– Clothes and Utensils
– Aid to set up small business
– Orphans and Widows

Natural Calamity Relief (in the past):

– Assam Flood Relief
– Uttarakhand Flood Relief
– Kashmir Earthquake Relief
– Corona Lockdown Relief

Riot Relief (in the past):

– Muzaffarnagar 2013 riots (supply of clothes, tools and equipment for livelihood, building of a colony for victims)
– 2015 Atali / Ballabhgarh riot (financial aid to victims)
– 2020 North East Delhi riots (Food/Medicial/financial aid and rehabilitation)